Argentina's timezone blues... aftermath

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El 14 Jun 2004 a las 12:34, Paul Eggert escribió:

> "Mariano Absatz" <baby at> writes:
> > Tucumán went back last weekend.
> Since Tucuman is splitting from {La Rioja, San Juan, San Luis,
> Chubut}, we'll need another tz name for the latter set.  By far the
> largest city in that region is San Juan, but "America/San Juan" is too
> ambiguous (Argentina? Puerto Rico?) so it appears we'll have to create
> an Argentina subdirectory to remove the ambiguity.
> I'm considering going with these names:
> America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
> America/Argentina/Cordoba
> America/Argentina/Tucuman
> America/Argentina/San_Juan
> America/Argentina/Jujuy
> America/Argentina/Catamarca
> America/Argentina/Mendoza
> America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos
> with links in the 'backward' file for the traditional names like
> America/Buenos_Aires.  Comments?
I'm fine with it... my only regret is that this nonsense should be so 
easily avoided... but common sense and politics don't seem to mix, somehow 

> > What's more, Tierra del Fuego is studying also the possibility....
> > I'll try to keep you posted :-/
> Thanks for letting us know.  If Tierra del Fuego splits from Santa
> Cruz, I guess we'll need a separate entry America/Argentina/Ushuaia.
That'd be right... so far, I haven't heard a confirmation (nor a denial) 
that Tierra del Fuego would go back...

I guess they will resolve something as soon as you publish the next release 

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