Argentina's timezone blues... aftermath

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Tue Jun 15 06:39:51 UTC 2004

"Gwillim Law" <RLAW at> writes:

> I would give more credence to the Saturday/Sunday date than the
> "three days earlier" phrase, and conclude that Tierra del Fuego set
> its clocks back at 2004-05-30 00:00.  If this is correct, an
> America/Ushuaia zone will have to be created to accommodate this
> time change.

That sounds right; thanks for bringing this to our attention.  As I
mentioned I'm inclined to call it America/Argentina/Ushuaia due to the
ambiguity problem with America/San_Juan.  I'll put this into my next
proposed patch in a day or two unless someone objects.

At latitude 54 degrees 48 minutes south, the new Zone entry will be
the most southerly outside Antarctica.

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