64-bit time_t must go--this is non-negotiable

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Fri Jun 18 04:54:39 UTC 2004

matthew green <mrg at eterna.com.au> writes:

> actually, no NetBSD platform uses a 64 bit time_t on any of the
> several 64 bit machines it runs on.

Sorry, my mistake.  Thanks for correcting me.  I was told in 1995 that
NetBSD on Alpha used a 64-bit time_t, and never bothered to check (nor
has anyone else corrected me despite my reporting this on Usenet for
almost a decade, e.g., see

I just checked Usenet, and FreeBSD started talking about the change to
64-bit time_t in 2001 and decided to do it one architecture at a time
(sparc64 made the transition earlier this year).  They're even making
noises about using 64-bit time_t for x86, though that sounds a bit

So I should have written "FreeBSD on some architectures" rather than
"the BSDs".

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