updated proposed tz patch for Argentina, Aaland Islands, etc.

Mariano Absatz baby at baby.com.ar
Wed Jun 23 13:59:16 UTC 2004

El 22 Jun 2004 a las 15:02, Paul Eggert escribió:

> "Gwillim Law" <RLAW at nc.rr.com> writes:
> >> http://www.lanacion.com.ar/04/06/16/de_610634.asp
> > shows clearly that San Luis never set its clocks back in the (local) fall of
> > 2004.  An earlier article in a different paper,
> > http://www.lanacion.com.ar/04/06/16/de_610634.asp, states just as clearly
> > that San Luis had decided, as of May 27, to go back one hour on June 1.
> Hmm, the two URLs in your email are identical.  However, I'd guess
> that the later article is more likely to be correct.  (My Spanish is
> weak, but as I understand it the later article's text doesn't mention
> San Luis, but the accompanying map indicates that San Luis never changed.)
> > Does anyone know what really happened?
> Not I.
Not completely... I couldn't get anyone who knows someone living in San 
Luis to tell me... I know they DID change to UTC-04:00, but I don't know if 
it was on May 29th or 31st midnight. They DID go back to UTC-03:00 last 
weekend (at midnight June 19th) with other Provinces.

> However, I plan to prepare yet another patch assuming that San Luis
> didn't change, unless we get more info.  Thanks for mentioning it.
> Since San Juan is splitting from { La Rioja, Chubut } we'll need a new
> zone entry to represent the latter region.  www.gazetteer.de says that
> the largest city in this region is Comodoro Rivadavia (2004
> pop. 164,500), but that name is too long for POSIX's 14-byte limit.
> So I'm inclined to choose the nearly-as-large
> America/Argentina/La_Rioja (2004 pop. 151,200); that name will be a
> bit easier to remember anyway, as it's the same name as its province.
> If there's a common abbreviation for "Comodoro Rivadavia" perhaps
> that'd be a better choice.  (We may need a zone for Chubut anyway, if
> things change again next week.  :-)
> <http://www.dropby.com/Genealogia/abreviaturas.html> and
> <http://www.protocolo.org/gest_web/proto_Seccion.pl?arefid=617> both
> say that "Comod." is a Spanish abbreviation for "Comodoro", but even
> Comod_Rivadavia is one byte too long.  I suppose we could go with
> America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia in a pinch.

I'´ve most often seen Cdro. Rivadavia than Comod. Rivadavia, but we're only 
saving 1 character... people familiar with the zone usually call the city 
just 'Comodoro' but I don't know if that would be proper...

BTW, I don't even know for certain if all the Provinces that would've gone 
back last weekend did so :-(

I've just e-mailed the Ministerio del Interior to see if they have 
consolidated data and are willing to inform me or point me somewhere 

I'll keep you posted.
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