Olso city

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Mon Nov 1 20:24:33 UTC 2004

Jesper Norgaard Welen <jnorgard at prodigy.net.mx> writes:

> There is a spelling mistake in the 'europe' file, where 'Olso' should be
> 'Oslo' (the capital of Norway). Maybe because Arthur David Olson was
> also mentioned in the file!?

No, it's just a typo.  Thanks for reporting it.

While looking at that discussion of Jan Mayen I ran across a record of
secret manned weather stations maintained in Greenland and Franz Josef
Land by Germany during World War II.  The Greenland Army (the smallest
army of World War II, with 26 men) was raised to track down and
destroy the Greenland stations, a task that was not completed until
1944.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to discover what time zones these
German weather stations used.  See Carl O. Schuster, "Weather War"
<http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ohx/educate/atc/ww1.htm>, which also talks
about Jan Mayen.

Also, the URL for Wilhelm Dege's book "War North of 80" (1954) is
obsolete; it's now the University of Calgary Press
I'll update this as well, in my next proposed changes.

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