Time Zone change in GEORGIA (Eastern Europe), time zone is no w GMT+3 (no longer GMT+4)

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Thu Nov 4 13:04:56 UTC 2004

    Date:        Mon, 1 Nov 2004 19:48:18 +0300
    From:        Aiet Kolkhi <aiet at qartuli.net>
    Message-ID:  <8010616791.20041101194818 at qartuli.net>

  | Is there any rule that would let us decide whether a country is purely
  | Asian or Europian one?

The first thing to say is that we really don't decide (others do),
so continuing this discussion here is a waste of time really.

But to follow your line or reasoning, you'd need to conclude that the
US and Canada are European, as are Australia and New Zealand, and perhaps
South Africa.

While Georgia, being close to, and perhaps straddling, the geographic
divide between Europe and Asia is a case where arguments can be made
that seem to make sense, in those others, you simply can't - neither
Australia nor the US is Eurpoean for any sense that matters here (which
is simply to divide up the list of zones so there aren't too many in
any one directory).


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