UK news: Nigel Beard's Lighter Evenings Bill fails

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This may be a silly question but, out of interest, could someone tell me
what the main drawbacks of doing this is?

My initial reaction was to think this may be a good idea, based on being
fed-up with dark evenings riding a motorcycle home from work, but I may
have missed something obvious here, which I hope someone can point out?

I suppose that if we don't experience GREENWICH Mean Time as the Local time
at SOME time in the year, it would be laughable bearing in mind it's a UK

Best Rgds,
Dave Stewart

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Nigel Beard's ten minute rule Lighter Evenings Bill came up for its second
reading on Friday. The Hansard report is at 15 Oct 2004 Column 594:

The bit covering the Lighter Evening Bill is short enough to quote
in full:

                    LIGHTER EVENINGS BILL

  Order for Second Reading read.

  Hon. Members: Object.

  To be read a Second time on Friday 5 November.

Parliamentary procedure for bills like this is that a single member
shouting Object is sufficient to kill it off. Rational debate it ain't.
The bit about reading it again on 5 Nov is fairly meaningless. The
house won't actually be sitting on that day. Nigel chose a date in
the near future rather than giving up just in case some emergency
arises that means the house would sit on that day. It's vanishingly
unlikely that it will, and even if it does no doubt the Hon. Members
would Object again.

There was some reporting of this proposal in the Scottish papers
early last week. Nigel wrote a letter to the Sunday Herald setting
out his case. This appeared in the news section and is available at:
<>. By the time this appeared
the Bill had already been lost. I'm surprised the Herald didn't
note this.

So that's it for this latest attempt to fiddle with the clocks here
in the UK.

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