FW: Time Zone change in GEORGIA (Eastern Europe), time zone is no w GMT+3 (no longer GMT+4)

Clive D.W. Feather clive at demon.net
Tue Oct 26 13:37:23 UTC 2004

> Another important notice: It would be more proper and politically correct to
> list Georgia in (East) Europe section and not in Asia. Georgia was
> considered Asian country due to improper information during Soviet times,
> but since the break-up of the Soviet, Georgia tends to be included in Europe
> rather than in Asia in more and more places.

The boundary between Europe and Asia isn't very well defined. In the north,
it's generally taken to follow the Urals, which sort of fade out
approaching the Kazakhstan border. In the west it runs along the Bosporus,
splitting Turkey. What's much less clear is what to do between the two.

Looking at some maps, I'd argue that it runs roughly to Oremburg and then
down the river Ural to the Caspian, cutting off a small section of
Kazakhstan, but I'd happily divert it to follow the national border.
It's then got to get between the Caspian and the Black Seas; there's no
obvious reason to follow one route rather than another:

                |      Russia       |
      Black     +-------------+-----+   Caspian
       Sea      | Georgia     |     |    Sea
                |           /-+     |
                +------+---<  Azerb.|
                |      |Arm.\       |
                |      |   Iran     |

However, the upper horizontal line on that diagram roughly follows the
Great Caucasus Mountains, which makes a reasonable boundary.

Based on that, I'd put Georgia in Asia together with the other two. But I
wouldn't be averse to a link from the European section of the database.

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