Time Zone change in GEORGIA (Eastern Europe), time zone is no w GMT+3 (no longer GMT+4)

Gwillim Law RLAW at nc.rr.com
Thu Oct 28 17:51:48 UTC 2004

Some of Mr. Kolkhi's other arguments may be valid, but it's illogical to
suggest that membership in the European Union makes a country European.  The
same argument was advanced for Cyprus earlier this year.  By that reasoning,
since France and the United States belonged to SEATO (the South-East Asia
Treaty Organization), they must be Southeast Asian countries.

> Aiet Kolkhi wrote:
> If it's about politics (and I guess it is, since there has never been
> a strict border between Europe and Asia), than Europe would be the
> best place for present-day Georgia, considering the fact that Georgia
> is already a memeber of Council of Europe and may well be a memeber of
> EU in next years.
> What about Turkey? Geographically and historically the main part of
> Turkey has always belonged to Asia, though the recent developments
> show that it will become a EU member state. Would it be correct to
> list a EU member state in Asia?

Gwillim Law

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