Time Zone change in GEORGIA (Eastern Europe), time zone is no w GMT+3 (no longer GMT+4)

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu Oct 28 19:23:47 UTC 2004

Aiet Kolkhi <aiet at qartuli.net> writes:

> I agree that whenever the city Tbilisi is noted, it should be put in
> Asian region, whereas mentioning the country, maybe we should put it
> in Europe, or in Europe and Asia if possible.

OK, to do that, in my next proposed update I'll add a cross reference
from the "europe" file to the "asia" file.  We already do this sort of
thing for Turkey and Russia, two other countries that straddle the
boundary between Europe and Asia.  I've drafted this change:

# Georgia
# Please see the "asia" file for Asia/Tbilisi.
# Herodotus (Histories, IV.45) says Georgia north of the Phasis (now Rioni)
# is in Europe.  Our reference location Tbilisi is in the Asian part.

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