Change in Uruguay time zone

Eduardo ec-acd at
Fri Sep 17 21:07:46 UTC 2004

I am writing to this address, as directed in

The uruguayan government has decreed a change in the local time. The decree
in the government's web site (in Spanish):

This means that from 19/9/2004 (at 0:00 local time) until 13/3/2004 (at 0:00
local time) official time in Uruguay will be at GMT -2
This means that the file "zoneinfo/southamerica" should be changed.
I assume the change must be to add the following 2 lines (warning: this is
the first time I have touched a time zone file):
Rule Uruguay 2004 only - Sep 19 0:00 1:00 S
Rule Uruguay 2005 only - Mar 13 0:00 0 -

I am no authority in Uruguay, just a timezone user.

Eduardo Cota.

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