Australia - Broken Hill - Yancowinna

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at
Sat Apr 23 07:34:01 UTC 2005

Broken Hill, or more precise, the whole county of Yancowinna, differs from
the rest of New South Wales, as clearly stated in the TZ database.

Problem is:  what is the "county of Yancowinna"?
The Australian Standard Time Act 1987 mentions this county, but doesn't
mention the county boundaries. Once they were known, but they have
disappeared from recent maps.
Finally I found a scan of an old map from the Land Registry, showing the
Yancowinna county. Found on the website of The Sydney Morning Herald:
Click on field number 2 or download the map directly:
The following places are within the county boundaries:
Broken Hill, The Gorge, Mount Gipps, Silverton, Stephens Creek, Wahratta,
Yanco Glen.
The name "Wahratta" is not perfectly readable from the map, but I've checked
the name and location against the Australia file from the GEOnet Names

Oscar van Vlijmen

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