Israel 2005 and Beyond -- Proposed Timezone Dates

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Tue Feb 8 07:41:47 UTC 2005

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, I wrote:

>> I used your program to write the following draft patch.  I don't think
>> this should go into the tz database just yet (Israeli politics being
>> what they are) but I thought you might like to see the draft.
> You have a good understanding of the volatility of Israeli politics.

Just to update the list, the proposed changes passed first reading in
the Knesset (a formality) and were sent back to the Interior Committee
for possible amendments before second and third (i.e. final) readings
in the Knesset.  The Interior Committee met yesterday to discuss the
proposed law, but came to no decision and will meet again next week
to discuss the law before sending it back to the Knesset.

I will inform the list of any new developments.
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