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Clive D.W. Feather clive at demon.net
Mon Jun 6 04:30:04 UTC 2005

Mark Davis said:
>> Unless you want to be targeted by many Northern Irish, I wouldn't do that.
>> There is no generic name for the time used in the UK.
> If we supply nothing, then it will fall back to the last field of the TZID
> ("London"). Showing a blank menu item is not really an option ;-)


There is no generic name for the time used in the UK.

>> Are you also going to declare that New York can't use EST?
> No. I don't see how what I said would give you that impression.

If I can't use the name I normally use for my local time, why should you be
entitled to? After all, lots of places use the term "EST". Ask the

>>> I don't see any reason for not doing it for all of English ("Summer
> ...
>> How about the fact that many English-speaking people [*] use the term
>> "Daylight Savings Time"?
>> [*] Accepting American as a dialect of English for this purpose.
> What I was referring to was specifically the name for Europe/London. Nothing
> that I wrote was about the English names for the US timezones.

You wrote "all of English". I may consider Americans to be wrong about
this, but they refer to "Daylight Savings Time" when asking me what happens
in the UK.

However, if you wish to pick a single term for this purpose, then "Summer
Time" is best.

My personal preference, though, would be for  you to stop trying to hammer
round pegs into this trapezoidal hole.

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