Multi-timezone clock

peter.verthez at peter.verthez at
Wed Jun 8 05:40:21 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I've been making a multi-timezone clock based on the Olson
timezone database, which may be interesting to the people on
this mailing list.  The freshmeat project page can be found

The tz database is used in the configuration window, to select
a timezone for each clock.

The program is written in Perl and requires perl-Gtk2 (actually,
perl-Gtk will also work, but with a much less polished user

It is currently available in English, Dutch and German.  Country
names are translated via the CLDR (currently version 1.3) for all
languages automatically.  Manual translation is only needed for
some 30 strings in the user interface.

Note that the translations for timezone names in the CLDR (i.e.
the exemplarCity entries) are currently not used, because the
available data is too sparse: all city names are shown in English.
If the CLDR includes more entries later, this may change.

All suggestions, and translations to other languages, are very
welcome (see web page for details).

Best regards,

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