Translate Windows timezone to TZID?

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Tue Jun 14 20:40:55 UTC 2005

Hi Dave

Our Windows TimesOwn Pro software clock does this in a fashion.  

TimesOwn Pro can be set to add additional "TimesOwn Zone" registry zones with the correct TZ abbreviations into the registry.

Windows can then select these alternative and updated Time Zone rules to manage time from.

>From TimesOwn Pro you can set out a group of time zones for your trip and on arrival at each new destination simply select the PC Time Zone from within TimesOwn Pro.

Is that of any interest?

Kind regards
David Hingston MB ChB MBA
Chequers Software Ltd
Wellington, New Zealand.

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  I've been thinking about this problem for a while.  Anyone have 
  any thoughts?

  Suppose you have a portable computer running Microsoft Windows 
  (whatever version you dislike least) which you take with you when 
  you travel.  When you power it up and you're in a timezone 
  different from the one you last used it in, you use Windows'
  Adjust Date/Time dialogue to set the correct timezone.

  Now Windows has bogus names for the zones, like
  "Dlt"="GMT Daylight Time"
  "Std"="GMT Standard Time"
  "Dlt"="Hawaiian Daylight Time"
  "Std"="Hawaiian Standard Time"
  which you can read out of the registry.

  Suppose I want to get the correct name of the time zone
  (from which maybe I'll generate the correct abbreviation).
  So for GMT, the proper strings would be 
  "Greenwich Mean Time" for standard time, and there is no daylight 
  time.  For Hawaii, I believe that's properly Hawaiian-Aleutian 
  Standard Time; again no daylight observance.

  Is there a way anyone can think of to map the incorrect
  Windows text strings to correct text strings algorithmically?

  (Too bad Windows doesn't have the exemplar city name in its 
  database of time zones.)

  Dave Cantor

  David A. Cantor
  Groton, CT  06340-3731      DCantor at

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