Who ist the maintainer of tzdata?

Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Thu Mar 10 10:23:26 UTC 2005

I have a project to expand tzdata.

Summarizing shortly, the rough idea is to

- add boundary descriptions to each area with a different timezone 
history so that with given coordinates it can automatically be 
determined to which timezone history 'table' a given location belongs.
I am aware that many non-trivial issues of geo-information processing 
arise with such a goal.

- add more details for the complicated timezone history of some 
countries, e.g. Canada, where other sources have identified more than 
250 regions with different timezone history, whereas current tzdata has 
only 15 regions.

I am aware that this is a large project which will require resources 
measured in man-years. I may be in a position to contribute/sponsor such 

I would like to communicate with the current maintainers of tzdata about 
these ideas, and about the best approach for such an expansion.

My motivation background is the field of serious astrology, where 
reliable timezone history information is an essential requirement.

tzdata is doing an excellent job to provide reliable information for 
current timzones, but it lacks sadly (and understandably, given the 
complexity of the problem) in historical detail.

Alois Treindl

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