LMT information, geographics of Antarctica bases

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Wed Mar 16 13:57:36 UTC 2005

Some LMT (local mean time) values in the tz database seem to be incorrect.
Below are the values I believe to be correct.

Alaska    America/Juneau    -8:57:41
Alaska    America/Yakutat    -9:14:55
Alaska    America/Anchorage    -9:59:36
Alaska    America/Nome    -11:01:38
Alaska    America/Adak    -11:46:38
Philippines    Asia/Manila    8:04:00
Guam    Pacific/Guam    9:39:00
Northern Mariana Islands    Pacific/Saipan    9:43:00
Samoa    Pacific/Apia    -11:26:56
American Samoa    Pacific/Pago_Pago    -11:22:48

Note that West Samoa is no longer the correct name; it is Samoa.

No LMT information was given for:

BIOT    Indian/Chagos    4:49:40
Cocos Islands    Indian/Cocos    6:27:40

Several geographic locations for Antarctica bases are not present in the tz
Some time ago I looked the latitude/longitude up from various sources, some
more reliable than others.
Locations missing in the tz database are:

Comandante Ferraz, King George Island    62:05S 058:24E

The names of the Chilean bases are incomplete - titles are omitted:
Escudero, South Shetland Islands    62:11:57S 058:57:35W
Presidente Eduardo Frei, King George Island    62:14S 058:48W
General Bernardo O'Higgins, Antarctic Peninsula    63:19S 057:04W
Capitan Arturo Prat    62:30S 059:41W
Villa Las Estrellas is the little village built around the Frei base.

Great Wall, King George Island    62:13S 058:58W
Zhongshan, Larsemann Hills, Prydz Bay    69:22S 076:23E

Georg von Neumayer    70:39S 008:15W

Dakshin Gangotri    70:05S 012:00E

Dome Fuji    77:19S 039:42E
Syowa    69:00:22S 039:35:24E

South Korea
King Sejong, King George Island    62:13S 058:47W

Bouvet (territory, never inhabited)    54:26S 003:24E
Peter I Island (claim, never inhabited)    68:47S 090:35W

Molodezhnaya, Alasheyev Bay    67:40S 045:51E
Vostok    78:24S 106:54E

South Africa
Marion Island    46:53S 037:52E
Sanae IV    71:41S 002:50W

United Kingdom
British Antarctic Territories (BAT) claims:
South Orkney Islands    60:35S 045:30W
South Shetland Islands    62:00S 060:00W

Palmer, Anvers Island    64:48S 064:06W
McMurdo, Ross Island    77:50S 166:36E
Amundsen-Scott, South Pole    90:00S 000:00E

Since I didn't bother to mention the sources (too many), you might take this
information 'cum granum salis', but anyway, it might be of some use.
Has anyone better information?

I shall publish a new web page with a compilation of some tz database
information in due time.
Compiling all information resulted in the above notes.

Oscar van Vlijmen

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