Daylight Savings Time in Kazakhstan?!

Stefan Hellwig shellwig at
Thu Mar 17 13:57:34 UTC 2005


I just subscribed to this list so please bear with me if this issue has been 
discussed already or does not fit in here... 

This week I was informed that the government of Kazakhstan has decided NOT to 
perform the "time switch" from winter to summer time anymore (it was 
mentioned in a local newspaper). Does anyone know if this is really the case 
and if there is a timezone definition file for that already?

The current rule set for the Kazakh timezone Asia/Almaty says:

Rule RussiaAsia	1996	max	-	Oct	lastSun	 2:00s	0	-
Zone	Asia/Almaty	5:07:48 -	LMT	1924 May  2 # or Alma-Ata
			5:00	-	ALMT	1930 Jun 21 # Alma-Ata Time
			6:00 RussiaAsia ALM%sT	1991
			6:00	-	ALMT	1992
			6:00 RussiaAsia	ALM%sT

So right now it's scheduled for March 27 (lastSun) at 2:00am. If they don't do 
that switch anymore we'd have to change that timezone definition on our 
servers there... Can anyone confirm this "rumor"?

Thanks & Regards, Stefan.

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