Timezones in international waters

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Mon Mar 21 06:31:19 UTC 2005

Oscar van Vlijmen <ovv at hetnet.nl> writes:

> Bowditch - The American Practical Navigator, Chapter 18 Time, Section 1806
> Zone Time; National Imagery And Mapping Agency; 1995.

The 2002 edition of that reference can be found here:


> See also "The International Date Line" at the end of the TZ australasia
> file.

Thanks.  The main disagreement between the American Practical
Navigator and the australasia file is that the former mentions only
the 180-degree line with respect to time zones on the high seas,
whereas the latter mentions the International Date Line.  So the two
sources disagree for ships sailing in international waters in
western-hemisphere Kiribati.  I don't know who's "right", but the
American Practical Navigator is about as authoritative a reference as
I know, so I suspect it closer to being "right" (at least for US

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