Proposed 64-bit changes

Kevin Kenny kennykb at
Wed May 4 16:56:14 UTC 2005

mark.davis at said:
> A. Extend by last year.
> B. No Daylight
> C. Others?

I find both (A) and (B) acceptable.  The politicians routinely diddle
with the Daylight Saving Time rules.  Even the year after the next is
conjectural - what the rules will be in a century, or 400 years, is
pure speculation.  As long as something resembling the correct time
of day is returned, the results should be entirely adequate.  In short,
Y2038 bugs in Daylight Saving Time processing are the least of our

As I said, in Tcl's analogue to zic (, I put in
an arbitrary cutoff (easily changed) of 2100.  I suspect it ought to
be shorter.  (And I do get complaints about the footprint taken up
with the zoneinfo files, owing to the places where they wind up

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