TZ environment variable

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Wed May 18 08:13:57 UTC 2005

"Olson, Arthur David (NIH/NCI)" <olsona at> writes:

> (I'll put in a vote for changing the mixed-case "ChST" to a mono-case
> "CHST".)

I'm afraid it's too late for that one.  The abbreviation ChST was
originally suggested by Congressman Robert A. Underwood, author of US
Public Law 106-564, which established Chamorro Standard Time.  It's
relatively common practice now to use "ChST" in local time
abbreviations.  For example, see:

I'd also say, though, that "GST" is still quite popular -- perhaps
even more so than "ChST" is.  It's a bit hard for this outsider to
tell what's really going on there.  But if "GST" is significantly more
popular perhaps we should revert to it.  However, my impression is
that the vast majority of people in Guam don't care about this issue;
the main Guam-based web sites I checked (,,, don't seem to bother to mention their
time zone under any name.

> ??

I assume these are the solar zones only.  These files are pretty much
obsolete now.

I see that all the other abbreviations are 6 bytes or less, and use
the POSIX charset, so we're POSIX compliant except for the solar zones.

> zzz

This represents locations while uninhabited (UTC offset zero).

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