Southampton Island

Gwillim Law RLAW at
Sat May 21 17:36:12 UTC 2005

According to maps at, (both dated
2003), and (from a
1998 Canadian Geographic article), the de facto and de jure time for
Southampton Island (at the north end of Hudson Bay) is UTC-5 all year round.
Using Google, it's easy to find other websites that confirm this.  I wasn't
able to find how far back this time regimen goes, but since it predates the
creation of Nunavut, it probably goes back many years.

The tz database doesn't have any Canadian zone that currently observes EST
year-round.  Since 1974, only two zones have been on EST with no DST rule:
America/Rankin_Inlet from 2000-10-29 to 2001-04-01, and
America/Cambridge_Bay from 2000-10-29 to 2000-11-05.  Both of those periods
are too short to tell whether DST would have been observed.

Southampton Island has an area of 41,214 km², nearly the size of
Switzerland.  Almost all of its 759 inhabitants live in Coral Harbour.  The
Inuktitut name of Coral Harbour is Sallit, but it's rarely used.

--   Gwillim Law

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