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Fri Apr 21 00:50:46 UTC 2006 doesn't show the current DST rules, however, it's
time zone converter does allow for peaking into the rules behind. The claim
is therefore (see attached two screenshots) that the Palestinian Territory
entered DST precisely one week before, Friday the of April at 0:00.
One of the screen shots will show you the unbelievable claim that at 0:15
the of April in the Palestinian Territory, it was 23:15 the of
April in the Palestinian Territory - but even Einstein would not have been
able to mingle his relativity theory so much (using for instance the speed
of light), that he could go back in time.

Back to the future? I think an equal time or better an error message would
have been more appropriate.

The question is if anyone can confirm that the DST change happened a week
before. To me it sounds plausible, but we would like some (more)
authoritative information.


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