recent time zone news: Indiana, New Zealand, Microsoft, Google, etc.

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Sat Apr 22 23:23:01 UTC 2006

Microsoft said that its software couldn't handle Indiana's recent time
zone change, but that this was Indiana's problem, not Microsoft's.
"Outlook continues to function properly. It is the unusual
distribution of time zones throughout the state, along with the
adoption of daylight-saving time, which is causing inaccurate times on
some PCs," Microsoft said.

In the end, Martin and Pulaski Counties, Indiana, decided not to rebel
against the US federal decision to move them into the central time
zone.  Alas, most of the web pages reporting this have already
vanished, but you can still see remnants of this in Google News
indexes, and here's a still-remaining article that confirms it for
Martin county
This will require changes to the commentary of the tz database, and to
the description in, but not to the data itself.

The Nelson city council will approach the New Zealand Internal Affairs
Minister to extend daylight saving by a week in spring and two weeks
in autumn.<>

Google Analytics's time zone chooser claims that Jerusalem is part
of ... Ireland.  Whew!  <>

Here are some items that might be suitable for tz-art.htm:

I recently got around to reading Umberto Eco's 1994 novel, The Island
of the Day Before (L'isola del giorno prima), which is the story of a
17th century Italian nobleman trapped near an island on the
International Date Line.  Time and time zones play an integral part in
the novel.

David Jebb has recently published a novel "The Thirteenth Time Zone"
about.  It's fiction, but it's based on his experiences and travels.

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