Wisconsin's variation of CDT

Larry M. Smith SgtChains at FahQ2.com
Wed Apr 26 15:40:32 UTC 2006

I have documentation for Wisconsin's variation of CDT.

175.09, enacted in 1923, sets Wisconsin time to "central time" and
provides penalties for businesses not following the "standard of time."

In 1957 Wisconsin deviated from the rest of the central zone by enacting
statute 175.095.  This statute directs that Central Daylight Time will
being at 1 A.M. on the last Sunday of April.  Updated versions of this
statute only changed the day of change and kept the time of change at 1
A.M. < http://www.legis.state.wi.us/statutes/Stat0175.pdf >

Before the addition of statute 175.095 it was assumed that statute
175.09 did not override Central Daylight Time (Opinions of the Attorney
General of the State of Wisconsin - 1942), with his opinion that "[...]
that the words 'commonly known as central time' are more than merely
descriptive and that they in fact constitute the definition of standard
time in the state of Wisconsin." Adding, "I may say in concluding this
opinion that there seems to be some misunderstanding as to the purpose
of the Wisconsin law relating to standard time.  It has been referred to
in many instances as an anti-daylight-saving statute.  Such a statement
is, in my opinion, inaccurate."

It should be assumed that Wisconsin followed the America/Chicago rules
before 1957, when the 175.095 statute was passed into law.

During the years of 1974 and 1975 this statute appears to have been
ignored entirely in favor of the Federal law, as it would have advanced
time additionally one extra hour. (Opinions of the Attorney General of
the State of Wisconsin - 1974)

In 1987 this statute (175.095) was updated to reflect the date change,
however the time 1 A.M. was left in place.

Operationally this statute is currently enforced at the 1 A.M. time of
change.  Because the local "bar time" in the state corresponds to 2
A.M., a number of  citations are issued for the "sale of class 'B'
alcohol after prohibited hours" within the deviated hour of this change
every year (0100-to-0200 America/Chicago, 0200-0300 America/Wisconsin).

Should anyone require additional comments, please contact Larry M. Smith
<SgtChains-TZ at FahQ2.com>

Rule    Wisconsin 1957    1973 -    Apr    lastSun    1:00    1:00    D
Rule    Wisconsin 1957    max  -    Oct    lastSun    2:00    0       S
Rule    Wisconsin 1976    1986 -    Apr    lastSun    1:00    1:00    D
Rule    Wisconsin 1987    max  -    Apr    Sun>=1     1:00    1:00    D
# Zone    NAME        GMTOFF    RULES       FORMAT    [UNTIL]
Zone America/Wisconsin    -5:50:36 -        LMT    1883 Nov 18 12:09:24
            -6:00    US                     C%sT   1920
            -6:00    Chicago                C%sT   1936 Mar  1 2:00
            -5:00    -                      EST    1936 Nov 15 2:00
            -6:00    Chicago                C%sT   1942
            -6:00    US                     C%sT   1946
            -6:00    Chicago                C%sT   1956
            -6:00    Wisconsin              C%sT   1973
            -6:00    US                     C%sT   1975
            -6:00    Wisconsin              C%sT

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