Wisconsin's variation of CDT

Paul Eggert eggert at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu Apr 27 07:38:20 UTC 2006

"Larry M. Smith" <SgtChains at FahQ2.com> writes:

> It should be assumed that Wisconsin followed the America/Chicago rules
> before 1957, when the 175.095 statute was passed into law.

My guess is that they differed quite a bit from Chicago way back when.
I can do some research into that if necessary, but first:

> Operationally this statute is currently enforced at the 1 A.M. time of
> change.  Because the local "bar time" in the state corresponds to 2
> A.M., a number of  citations are issued for the "sale of class 'B'
> alcohol after prohibited hours" within the deviated hour of this change
> every year (0100-to-0200 America/Chicago, 0200-0300 America/Wisconsin).

If I understand you correctly, people in Wisconsin actually keep their
clocks according to the federal rules, but once a year the police hand
out tickets as if the clocks switched at 01:00 rather than at 02:00.

If that's the case, then there isn't a need for a change to the tz
database proper, as our usual practice is to record the time that
people actually use.  But thanks for the legal citation and remarks:
I'll add a comment.

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