Some modifications of China related timezone info.

Zhe Su at
Sat Apr 29 03:07:48 UTC 2006

  So, is it ok to just add "Asia/Beijing" into the database along with
"Asia/Shanghai"? So that people can choose whatever they want.

James Su

On 4/29/06, Paul Eggert <eggert at> wrote:
> Ken Pizzini <tz. at> writes:
> > the populations do seem to have converged significantly over the 15
> > or so years since the Asia/Shanghai entry was created, and the trend
> > lines strongly suggest that if Beijing has not yet overtaken
> > Shanghai as the largest city in China, it is very likely to do so
> > soon.
> That depends on whose estimates one uses, and what one means by
> "soon".  If we take estimates recently published by Chinese news
> agencies for the end of 2005, for example, Shanghai had 17.78 million
> people with a 2.030% annual growth rate since 2000
> <>, whereas
> Beijing had 15.36 million people with a 2.135% annual growth rate in
> the same period
> <>, so
> at current rates it will take about 142 years for Beijing's population
> to surpass Shanghai, at which point both cities will have populations
> of about 309 million people.
> To put it mildly, I don't have a lot of faith in these estimates, but
> until this thing settles out with a clear winner there's no rush.
> There is an advantage of keeping the Zone names stable, which our
> other correspondents have reminded us of periodically.  I'd rather not
> get into the business of discussing zone names changes based on
> guesswork forecasts of population growth.  (It's hard enough just
> keeping track of the clocks.  :-)

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