links for DOT ruling on Indiana time zone boundaries

Nathan Stratton Treadway nathanst at
Thu Mar 30 17:25:30 UTC 2006

In the "northamerica" file from tzdata2006b.tar.gz, there is a link
to the DOT Final Rule document for the timezone boundaries.

That particular version of the document is > 2.7 MiB in size and 61
pages long.  You might consider including one or more these URLs instead
of or in addition to that one:
      Basic HTML annoucment of the final decision on Indiana Time Zone
      Federal Register publication of the full text of the Final Rule
      (134kiB, 18 pages).
      Docket Management System HTML index/summary page for the Federal
      Register version (contains a link to the previous URL, as well as
      various info on the document and a link to the DMS search page).
      DMS index/summary page for the "382329_web.pdf" document currently
      mentioned in the northamerica file.



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