Western Australia planning for Daylight Saving Timestarting1December 2006

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It seems that it *is* possible to dig up some fixed adresses (links to PDF

While I send it however the technology (Outlook? Email servers?) probably
will break the long lines - I don't know how to avoid that. So you will have
to patch the links when you receive them.
The first bill introduces a note that clarifies that when using 2:00am in
the bill, it refers to 2:00am standard time, so the DST would run to 25
March 2007 3:00am (daylight saving time). But the second bill does not
mention that, and states 2:00am both when entering and when leaving DST.
A Queensland southwest bound University lecture was bombarded with hate
mails when suggesting to introduce DST in a corner of Queensland, and
according to her the most effective argument was not 'you are an idiot' but
'you have lived outside of Queensland, you are not a Queenslander ... (and)
you don't deserve a say'
Queensland is not likely to introduce DST legislation anytime soon, methinks
- Jesper


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Subject: Western Australia planning for Daylight Saving Time starting 1
December 2006

The state of Western Australia is planning to adopt daylight saving time on
a trial basis till 31 March 2009. This has not yet been passed by parliament
but is supported by both major parties.

The initial period is 2am 1 December 2006 to 2am 25 March 2007. 

Subsequent periods are 2am on last Sunday in October till 2am on last Sunday
in March.

The Daylight Saving Bill 2006 can be found on
http://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/  <http://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/> .
Unfortunately there is no fixed address.


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