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Baig, Mirza [NCSUS] MBaig at NCSUS.JNJ.COM
Fri Nov 17 19:48:32 UTC 2006


I have test tzdata2006m.tar.gz file on a Solaris 7 server (per SUN
Microsystems recommendation). 
It seemed to have fixed the daylight saving time  issue on Solaris 7 (since
SUN does not officially 
support Solaris 7). But when the version of the tzdata file was posted (i.e.
tzdata2006n.tar.gz), I 
tested that too, and it didn't fix the timezone issue. I was about to send
this email, and realized that 
there is yet another version of tzdata file on your ftp site, i.e.
tzdata2006o.tar.gz. Was the new 
version posted because someone has reported problem with tzdata2006n.tar.gz?
Has the new 
data file been tested with Solaris 7? 


Mirza Baig 
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