Turkey DST data missmatch

Steffen Thorsen straen at thorsen.priv.no
Tue Nov 28 21:32:47 UTC 2006

Paul Eggert wrote:
 > Tiberiu Covaci <tcovaci at bea.com> writes:
 >> According to unofficial sources in Turkey, and
 >> Worldclock representant, the right value would be 1:00u. Please
 >> advice how to proceed to make the data into the next release of
 >> tzdata.
 > Sorry, I don't see why a change would be needed to the tz data.  For
 > example, here is the output of 'zdump -c 2006,2008 -v Asia/Istanbul'.
 > The transitions are at 01:00 UTC, just as you wrote.
 > Asia/Istanbul  Sun Mar 26 00:59:59 2006 UTC = Sun Mar 26 02:59:59 2006
 > EET isdst=0
 > Asia/Istanbul  Sun Mar 26 01:00:00 2006 UTC = Sun Mar 26 04:00:00 2006
 > EEST isdst=1

The right time seems to be 1:00s (not u), so they are not on the EU 
rules, just almost.

I have not yet had time to research when this started, but based on old
news reports, it seems that has been so at least since 1997, two
examples (1997 and 2006):

http://www.byegm.gov.tr/YAYINLARIMIZ/CHR/ING97/03/97X03X25.TXT (search 
for summer time)

It is on my TODO-list to research this further, to correct old timestamps.

Best regards,
Steffen (timeanddate.com)

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