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I received a mail from an airline which says that the daylight saving
time in
Egypt will end in the night of 2007-09-06 to 2007-09-07.

Can anyone confirm this?

In the database are the following entries:

Rule	Egypt	1995	max	-	Apr	lastFri	 0:00s	1:00
Rule	Egypt	1995	2005	-	Sep	lastThu	23:00s	0
# From Steffen Thorsen (2006-09-19):
# The Egyptian Gazette, issue 41,090 (2006-09-18), page 1, reports:
# Egypt will turn back clocks by one hour at the midnight of Thursday
# after observing the daylight saving time since May.
# http://news.gom.com.eg/gazette/pdf/2006/09/18/01.pdf
Rule	Egypt	2006	only	-	Sep	21	23:00s	0
Rule	Egypt	2007	max	-	Sep	lastThu	23:00s	0

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