Venezuela will revert to UTC-04:30 next year

Steffen Thorsen straen at
Mon Aug 20 19:50:11 UTC 2007


I found the following article in a Brazilian newspaper (in Portuguese):

 From what I can understand it says that Venezuela will go from the "-4 
hour GMT" to the "GMT-4,5 hour time zone" on 2008-01-01. I am not sure 
if they will revert at midnight or at half an hour after midnight (in 
the old time zone).

It is a little bit confusing, because it says many places that they will 
advance their clocks by 30 minutes (from UTC-4), which technically would 
mean that they would enter UTC-3:30.

However, it says that meridian 66 will determine the new time zone, and 
since 66/15=4,4 hours, *and* they have been in the 4,5-hour time zone 
before, I think it is likely that they are going back to that time zone.

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