FW: Venezuela's switch to UTC-0430

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I'm forwarding this message from José Miguel Parrella Romero, who sent it before joining the time zone mailing list.

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Subject: Venezuela's switch to UTC-0430

I've read two previous posts in this mailing list regarding Venezuela's
change to a new timezone. I feel compelled to clarify the following:

* The change is not decided yet. The proposal is coming from a
department and involves ammending an act, so it has to be passed to the
National Assembly.

* In any case, it's not scheduled to happen on 2008. The head of
department said it could happen on September 2007, as we begin school
terms in that month. Again, it depends on legislative approval.

* The currently used meridian is 60º W, in the most eastern part of the
country. The new meridian will be 66º, crossing the town of Río Chico,
at the middle of the country, so it's expected that the new timezone
will be at UTC-0430.

In any case, I'd be happy to know what's the standard process on
announcing modifications to the public domain timezone database.


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