Argentina adopts DST again

Steffen Thorsen straen at
Fri Dec 21 20:11:26 UTC 2007

A user (Leonardo Chaim) reported that Argentina will adopt DST, and I 
have found more details on Argentina's presidential web site, as well as 
on many news sites.

Argentina will advance clocks by one hour on 2007-12-30 00:00 to (01:00) 
and turn them back again on 2008-03-16 00:00 (to 23:00).

It appears that all of the country (all Zone-entries) are affected.

The official news report about it: (Spanish)

which has a link to the "Comunicado"/official notice:
"The measurement will prevail in all the national territory as of the 
00:00 hour of Sunday 30 of December of the present year, until the 00:00 
hour of Sunday 16 of March of 2008, in that the clocks will have to 
retard one hour as a result of the application of the winter schedule. "

News reports like
indicate that Argentina will use DST next year as well, from October to 
March, although exact rules are not given.

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