Proposed changes for Argentina, tzfile.5, and strerror

Ezequiel Colombo ezcolombo at
Thu Dec 27 18:02:05 UTC 2007

Hi, i am waiting for the law publication to check details, I will send you a 
copy if you like. At this time i am not sure about the line:

> + Rule  Arg  2008  max  -  Oct  Sun>=1  0:00  1:00 S

The only advertised dates of implementations are for 2007/2008 ending at 2008-
03-16. I don`t see any news related to 2008 Oct. Could you share the source of 
this info ?

Ezequiel, from Arg :(

Arthur David Olson <olsona <at>> writes:

> Here are proposed changes to the time zone package:
> 1. Most importantly, changes to the "southamerica" file (combinining
> material from Jesper Norgaard Welen and Paul Eggert) to reflect Argentina's
> readoption of daylight saving time.
> 2. Jonathan Leffler's fixes to tzfile.5.
> 3. Changes to eliminate HAVE_STRERROR and the conditional strerror 
> (A safe change since it should have no run-time effects; we'll see if anybody
> complains about uncompilability).
> Barring problems these changes are to show up on the ftp site on Monday 
morning as usual, just in time to be
> late for the Argentina party.

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