Proposed changes for Argentina, Jan Mayen,, etc.

Mariano Absatz baby at
Fri Dec 28 00:17:53 UTC 2007

Paul Eggert escribió el 27/12/07 17:41:
> Here are some further proposed patches, accumulating changes since
> last time.  For the southamerica file, these changes assume the
> changes that Arthur David Olson has already proposed regarding time in
> Argentina; they merely add a few comments giving more credits, and put
> comments in what I hope is a more logical order ("logical"? "time in
> Argentina"? I must be joking....).
Sure, indeed... now, Paul... do these new Arg rules actually come in
effect in the cities within America/Argentina if you don't change the last

            -3:00    -    ART
in every one of them by:
            -3:00    -    ART    2007 Dec 29
            -3:00    Arg     AR%sT

Don't we have to change those also? (see the patch I posted in )


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