Proposed changes for Argentina, Jan Mayen,, etc.

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Sun Dec 30 13:45:44 UTC 2007

Paul Eggert escribió el 28/12/07 21:57:
> Mariano Absatz <baby at> writes:
>> Don't we have to change those also? (see the patch I posted in
>> )
> Oops, yes, sorry, I missed that part of it.  However, the change can
> be made a bit more compact by adjusting the Rule line.  Here's a
> revised patch, just for 'southamerica'.  We've seen a lot of patches
> fly by; to avoid confusion, this 'southamerica' patch is relative to
> tzdata2007j,
Thanx, Paul... (my home ISP hasn't been quite functional this weekend,
so I wasn't able to reply earlier)... your patch is indeed nicer than
mine, but at least I checked both zdup outputs and they're identical, so
the southamerica file I've been distributing around before the weekend
must've worked fine :-)

As Daniel and Mario pointed out before, I think it'd be a good idea to
include in the southamerica file the link to the "Boletín Oficial" that
has the actual text of the "Ley 26.350"
(the "Boletín Oficial" - - is the
official publication of all National Laws and Decrees in Argentina).


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