tzdata2006n Brazil incorrect fall-back date 2009-mar-01

Markus Scherer at
Thu Feb 8 20:09:35 UTC 2007

Dear Dave et al.,

I reported and subsequently fixed the bug. If you are curious, you can
click on the SVN Diffs link near the top of the bug report to see what

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Best regards,

On 1/22/07, Paul Eggert <eggert at> wrote:
> "Dave O'Callaghan" <daveoc at> writes:
> > I have been alerted to this website
> > which describes an issue with the
> > Brazil update in tzdata2006n.
> >
> > Is this true?
> It appears to me to be a problem in the ICU4C's code simpletz.cpp, not
> in the tz code or data itself, so you should ask whoever wrote
> simpletz.cpp to fix it.

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