DST rules for Istanbul, Turkey

Nirav Jk Vora nirav.vora at in.ibm.com
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Hi All, 

Thank you all for your replies. I have gone back conveying the same to the 
customer. Here is what they have had to say:

According to following link;
turkey time zone settings are as follow which is valid now.

Standard Time = GMT+2
Summer Time = GMT+3

According to following link;

29 Ekim 2006 Pazar, 01:59:59 1 hour +3 hours  EEST
29 Ekim 2006 Pazar, 01:00:00 No +2 hours EET DST ends
25 Mart 2007 Pazar, 00:59:59 No +2 hours EET
25 Mart 2007 Pazar, 02:00:00 1 hour +3 hours EEST DST starts

which is consistent with the previous information.

To support the below information,I have taken the official newspaper of 
the government which had declared to regulate the time 
settings.I have talked with the staff of the government. They said that 
this declaration is the last daylight saving declaration 
announced by the government with official newspaper and today rules are 
valid for this declaration.

I am sending the image of the fax that is sent by the government. 

The newspaper is normally in Turkish. I want to explain it briefly: 

"26 Mart 2000 Pazar günü saat 01:00'den itibaren bir saat ileri al?nmas?" 
means "clocks will be set 1 hour forward (will be GMT+3 ) 
on 26 March 2000 Sunday at 01:00"  01:00 is the local time (23:00 GMT 


"29 Ekim 200 Pazar günü saat 02:00'den itibaren bir saat geri al?nmas?" 
means "clocks will be set 1 hour back (will be GMT+2 ) on 29 
October 2000 Sunday at 02:00"  02:00 is the local time (23:00 GMT 

I think these documents are enough to show the daylight saving policy of 
Turkey is:
Standard Time = GMT+2 
Summer Time = GMT+3

So to summarize, the customer has provided a citation from the turkish 
government which tells about the latest DST rules. I have attached 
the jpg in this mail.

Please review the same and provide your inputs as to whether this 
information would suffice to change the database timezone rules for 

With Warm Regards 
Nirav J Vora
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Peter Ilieve <peter at aldie.co.uk> 
02/01/2007 02:58 PM

Nirav Jk Vora/India/IBM at IBMIN
tz at elsie.nci.nih.gov
Re: DST rules for Istanbul, Turkey

> Thanks, but that link says Turkish DST starts at 01:00 GMT (i.e., at
> 03:00 local time) and ends at 01:00 GMT (i.e., at 04:00 local time).
> This agrees with the current tz database.  But Amar Devegowda reported
> that Turkish DST actually starts at 01:00 local time and ends at 02:00   

> local time.  Steffen Thorsen of timeanddate.com agreed, and cited
> Turkish newspaper reports from 1996 through 2001.
> I'm inclined to go with Devegowda and Thorsen, but what would be
> helpful is an official source (e.g., a citation from Turkish law) that
> says exactly when this practice started.  So far, all we know is that
> the current Turkish practice started before 1996, which is a bit
> vague.

I don't have any authoritative source but I can add a little context
to this. Turkey is attempting to join the European Union (it's listed
as a candidate country on the
page). This is proving a long and painful process. It may be that
Turkey has officially switched to the EU 01:00 UTC clock change time
recently as part of this EU application process. It may be that the
website is just confused, showing all pages under the european-union
directory as using EU rules even if they don't.

I would also go with Devegowda and Thorsen, mainly on the basis
that I think it's very unlikely that a country that far east
would use 01:00 UTC unless forced to by something like EU rules.
Newspaper reports of 01:00 local time are much more credible.

                                 Peter Ilieve peter at aldie.co.uk

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