New DST Rules for 2007

Bryan O'Neill, President support at
Tue Feb 27 16:07:57 UTC 2007

GlacierLadies & Gentlemen,

I asked a question on about what exact commands I would
need to install your patch that will update the new DST rules on my RH 8.0
pc.  One guy responded with the following:

]$ cd /tmp && { mkdir tz && cd tz || exit 1; }
wget -q '*.tar.gz' || exit
]$ gzip -dc tzcode*.tar.gz | tar -xf -
]$ gzip -dc tzdata*.tar.gz | tar -xf -
]$ which nawk >/dev/null 2>&1|| { sed -i 's|nawk|gawk|g' Makefile || exit
1; }
]$ LOCALTIMEVAR0=`grep ^ZONE= /etc/sysconfig/clock 2>/dev/null| awk -F'='
'{print $2}'|tr -d '"'`
]$ LOCALTIMEVAR1=`make zonenames 2>/dev/null|grep -m1 $LOCALTIMEVAR0|awk
'{print $1}'`
]$ [ -n $LOCALTIMEVAR1 ] || exit 1 && { sed -i "s|Factory|$LOCALTIMEVAR1|g"
Makefile \
&& make install; echo 'Done!'; }

The blue code I've already done and I understand.  But what about the green
code?  Do you see anything there that may create something malcious or
unsecure?  I don't think so but I wanted to get your more educated & trusted
opinion.  Is it correct for east coast time zone (New York)?


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