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Thu Jan 4 21:37:44 UTC 2007

"Bryan J. Smith" <b.j.smith at> wrote:
> BTW, I did note this post:  
> Unfortunately the svn repository doesn't list changes.  I'm used to
> running "svn+trac" myself, which does a good, basic job of showing
> version-to-version changes.  Unfortunately I don't run a public
> server myself anymore (just not enough time).

Aw screw that, I'll just generate the Trac pages and then save them
as a set of static HTML pages (in a tarball).

As such, does anyone have an archive with all recent tzdata releases?

I noted the PlanetMirror FTP site, but it only goes back to 2006b:  

I'd like to go further back, at least to early 2005, if not 2004.

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