Cross building tzcode

John Faith jfaith at
Thu Jan 11 18:33:53 UTC 2007

In the hope that this might be useful to someone else, attached is a 
patch to the main tzcode Makefile that we use to cross build.  The 
reason for the patch is that in a cross-compiling environment, 
generating the data files requires a zic which runs on the host and the 
target requires the cross-built binary, so the Makefile generates both. 
  I have tested this with ARM targets.

We build using a rpm .spec file with something like:

make  HOST_CC=<path_to_the_host_cc> TOPDIR=%{__prefix} 
TZDIR=%{_prefix}/share/zoneinfo ETCDIR=%{_prefix}/usr/bin

By the way, you can probably ignore the parts about "nawk"->"awk" (I did 
not have nawk installed), and the bit about "ksh"->"bash" (I didn't have 

John Faith
Freescale Semiconductor

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