Updating Red Hat Linux

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Fri Jan 26 00:59:32 UTC 2007

2007-01-18T03:59 Vikash Kumar Jha:
> I am using RedHat linux  2.4.18 ....For updating for new DST rules ..
> What are the things I should do...?

Not sure which release of Red Hat you're referring to. Advanced
Server 2 used 2.4.9 kernel, Enterprise Linux 3 used 2.4.21, RHEL4
uses a 2.6 kernel. I've not tracked the Fedoras, maybe one of them
used 2.4.18.

In AS2 /usr/share/zoneinfo was delivered by the glibc-common rpm. I
dunno if there's a newer one of that, AS2 is pretty old now. In EL3
and EL4 it's the tzdata rpm, they probably have an update for it. Or
you could pull down tzdata and tzcode yourself and build yourself a
fresh rpm. Or pull the zoneinfo bent linux package, it's a universal
doner for platforms that can run statically linked Linux elf x86
executables, or you can just unpack the cpio.bz2 and move the
usr/share/zoneinfo tree into place.

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