DST rules for Istanbul, Turkey

Nirav Jk Vora nirav.vora at in.ibm.com
Tue Jan 30 11:21:20 UTC 2007


        I am Nirav from the Java Technology Centre, IBM. I am working for 
the L3 team here. Sometime back, one of my colleagues Amar Devegowda, 
had mailed regarding updation of the DST rules for Istanbul,Turkey. 
Actually as per the current rule that is being used in the JVM Daylight 
saving was supposed 
to start at 3.00AM . But as per the latest rule from the below link, 
Daylight timings start from 1.00AM. 

        We were asked to provide an official link where these changes were 
stated. I hope this link will serve the purpose so that the database can 
updated with the latest DST rules for Istanbul. 


Please do contact me for any further queries that may be there.

With Warm Regards 
Nirav J Vora
Team member, JVM L3 Support(AIX)
IBM India Software Lab, Bangalore 
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