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For anybody wishing for info on new Canadian daylight saving legislation,
I have been trying to keep the following page up to date:
The web page is full of links to various government news releases and legislation.

All of Canada with the possible exception of Nunavut will be extending daylight saving this year to match the United States.

Below is an extract of some of the more important hyperlinks from the web page listed above.

City of Lloydminster
 The "Lloydminster Charter" which defines time for the city of Lloydminster on both sides of
  the Alberta/Saskatchewan border will likely not be amended prior to March 11.
 Regardless, the Senior Director of Corporate Affairs e-mailed me last year
  to say that Lloydminster would extend daylight saving to match Alberta.

British Columbia
 News release:

 News release:
 Daylight Saving Amendment Act assented to March 23/2006:

 No official announcement but most of Saskatchewan does not observe daylight saving time.
 The small area outside the Lloydminster city limits is governed by the Saskatchewan Time
  Act and will most likely follow Lloydminster even if the act is not updated.

 News release:
 Manitoba Official Time Amendment Act assented to December 8/2005:

 News release:
 Ontario Regulation 111/06: Variation of Time in Effect filed April 12/2006:

 News release (French):
 Legal Time Act assented to December 12/2006:

New Brunswick
 News release:
 Act to Amend the Time Definition Act assented to June 22/2006:

Nova Scotia
 News release:
 Royal Gazette with regulation 62/2006 on page 244:

Prince Edward Island
 Act to Amend the Time Uniformity Act assented to May 24/2006:

Newfoundland and Labrador
 News release:
 Act to Amend the Standard Time Act assented to Dec 12/2006:

 News release:
 O.I.C 2006/127: Daylight Saving Time ordered July 13/2006:

Northwest Territories
 News release (Press "Daylight Savings Time Change" to see pop-up):
 It is not clear if legislation has actually been drafted.

 No formal announcement has been made from the Nunavut Government.
 The premier of Nunavut claimed in August of 2005 that he did not want to touch the issue;
  nothing more has been heard since.
 It is likely Nunavut will eventually follow the rest of the country but there will certainly be confusion
  on March 11/2007 if no formal announcement is made.
 Currently the TZ database and Microsoft make assumptions that Nunavut will follow the rest of the country.

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