Geographical boundaries for Canadian time zones

Eric Muller emuller at
Wed Jun 6 20:53:00 UTC 2007

Chris Walton wrote:
> Eric,
> I can not help you with the time zone boundaries within the Unites States.
> However, I wanted to let you know that I created a KML time zone map for Canada.
Wonderful. Thanks.
> By the way, the links you provided for the US time zone areas <> seem to have lots of points with many "significant digits" giving the illusion of accuracy.

That only reflects that the software I used has "printf ("%f")" 
somewhere. What matters more is the stated accuracy of the map 

    Horizontal positions are specified in geographic coordinates, that
    is, latitude and longitude. Latitudes are given to the nearest
    0.000278. Longitudes are given to the nearest 0.000278. Latitude and
    longitude values are specified in Decimal degrees.

>   Unfortunately your data shows many sections of US/Canada border to be about 200 meters north of where it is
> supposed to be.

That's in reaction to your map going about 200 meters south of where it 
is supposed to be in some areas 8-)


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