FW: Implementation of zoneinfo (Olson, tz) database in .NET c-sharp csharp

Joshua Kifer joshua at jottnetworks.com
Thu Jun 21 18:08:54 UTC 2007

Good question.  I took a look through the source code and the database
has been converted into XML. (Just do a grep on Pacific).  What I found
was that the only thing being retained is the timezone name and its UTC
offset.  No historical data is utilized.  Unfortunate, but at least my
company can refrain from any longer utilizing the undocumented and
non-standard timezone information in the Windows registry (the indices
of which actually changed in Windows Vista, preventing us from upgrading
our services to that OS if we had desired to, or desire to in the


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> Thanks for mentioning that.  Do you know how it works?  It appears to
> have a copy of the tz database, translated into C# (how?).
> Suppose a new version of the tz database comes out: how would the
> change be propagated?

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