Implementation of zoneinfo (Olson, tz) database in .NET c-sharp csharp

Joshua Kifer joshua at
Thu Jun 21 21:18:00 UTC 2007

Please see:

We are using the 'Index' value for our indexing.  These Indexes changed
in Vista.  I don't see where the shorter text id's exist in the
registry.  At least they are not referenced or documented in the
fore-mentioned project.

And yeah, I see what you mean by being helpful.  :)

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> "Joshua Kifer" <joshua at> writes:
> > the only thing being retained is the timezone name and its UTC
> > offset.  No historical data is utilized.
> Thanks.  Here's a draft of what could go into tz-link.htm; comments
> and corrections are welcome.
>    <li><a href="">PublicDomain</a>
>    has a copy of a recent <code>tz</code> database, accessed via a <a
>    href="">C#</a> library. As its
>    name suggests, it is in the public domain. Only current time stamps
>    are supported; historical data are not used.</li>
> > the undocumented and non-standard timezone information in the
> > Windows registry (the indices of which actually changed in Windows
> > Vista, preventing us from upgrading our services to that OS if we
> > had desired to, or desire to in the future).
> Ouch.  Does this mean that the Windows-Tzid table maintained by the
> CLDR project is incorrect, or that CLDR needs a new table for Vista?
> If so, we should warn the CLDR folks about the problem.  Please see
> <>.
> Also, does this mean that the Wikipedia coverage of this topic is
> incorrect and/or incomplete?  Wikipedia addresses some of the issues
> with Microsoft Windows and DST, but it doesn't mention the issue of
> index changes in Vista.  Please see
> <>.
> (See what you get for being helpful?  People keep asking you
> :-)

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